(611) Inter County Reserves SR Rifle League 18/19

Inter County Reserves short range league (Dorset in Division 2)

The County reserves results for the final four rounds are now published and available below.

Round 6: (611) Round 6 Results

Round 5: (611) Round 5 Results

Round 4: (611) Round 4 Results

Round 3: (611) Round 3 Results

Round 2: (611) Round 2 Results

Round 1: (611) Round 1 Results

Wessex Cup 2019

The Wessex Cup competition was held at Piddlehinton range on Saturday 13th July. The event was hosted by Dorset and teams from Hampshire, Devon and Somerset competed for the trophy.

The course of fire for this competition is similar to a double dewar, except that the second card at each range is 30 shots to count, with no sighters, giving a maximum score of 500 per range.

Congratulations to the Hampshire team (pictured), who retained the trophy. The final scores are attached.

The winning team from Hampshire.

(610) Inter County SR Rifle League 18/19

Inter County short range league (Dorset in Division 3).
“Dorset finished 2nd with the highest gun score – a great result we should be proud of.” – Martin Overal, County Rifle Captain

Round 10: (610) Round 10 Div 3 Amendment

Round 9: (610) Round 9 Div 3 Amendment

Round 8: (610) Round 8 Results

Round 7: (610) Round 7 Results

Round 6: (610) Round 6 Results

Round 5: (610) Round 5 Results

Round 4: (610) Round 4 Results

Round 3: (610) Round 3 Results

Round 2: (610) Round 2 Div 3 Amendment

Round 1: (610) Round 1 Results


Short Range Championship 2018-19, round 2 results

Attached are the results of the second stage of the Championship, which decided the Class winners.
Class A was a tie with Dave Chick and Rob Keenan both on 298, Class B won by David Higgs, Class C by Steve Jarrett and Class D by Keith Starks. Evie Beech won the Ladies, Stewart Larter Whitcher the Veterans and Elliot Pearce the Juniors.
My congratulations to all winners.
The ten people whose names are listed under DORSET COUNTY SHORT RANGE CHAMPIONSHIP FINALISTS are invited to shoot for the overall County Short Range Championship in a shoulder-to-shoulder shoot to be held at Bournemouth Rifle Club’s Range at Chapel Gate on Friday, 19th July 2019, commencing c6.30pm (the range will be open 06.00pm).
Martin Overal

Championship Round 2 Results 2018-19

Short range championship 2018-19, round 1 results

Results for round 1 of the 2018-19 championship are available here.

Qualifiers who have  L, V or J in bold against their name will also be shooting for the  Ladies, Veterans or Juniors Championship as appropriate].

Those listed under ‘Others’, whose names are marked with an asterisk; will compete only for the Ladies, Veterans or Juniors Championships as appropriate.

Round 2 is to be shot by 25th March, 2019, and cards returned to the scorer by 31st March, 2019.