Prone Rifle Trophies & Awards Summer 2021 – Winter 2021-2022

Please find attached the final listing of all the awards and trophies for all competitions held in the Summer 2021 and Winter 2021-2022 seasons.

Congratulations to all the winners of Team and Individual medals and trophies. Medals and certificates for the winter season are being distributed through the club league contacts. Trophies will take some time to locate and engrave before being re-presented to their new winners.

Prone Rifle – Winter 2020-21 results

Finally an end to the longest ever Winter Season. After tiers, lockdown, restrictions and a couple of deadline postponements – the final deadline for scores to be received has passed, and the results are in.

Due to the pandemic, we only ran the Individual and Team of 3 leagues, and then only with a half course of fire. As expected, participation was well down, but still reasonable given the circumstances. We also welcomed Market Drayton as a new club to the Dorset rifle leagues.

In the end some people were still unable to shoot their cards, but there was still a decent competition in most divisions.

Congratulations to all the division winners! Medals will be issued in due course.

Team of 3 results and averages

Individual league results and scores

Prone rifle competition results – Summer 2021

This summer we only ran Individual competitions for 50m and 100yds, due to the uncertainty of the rate at which shooters would return to shooting after the lockdown. The previous season’s winter leagues were also still going on, and so there were still plenty of short range cards to be shot. Entries to the two competitions were rather low, but it is clear that some people were encouraged back to the range by the fact that there were cards to be shot.

To keep it simple, the competitions were shot in classes, with certificates being awarded to the winners of each class. No medals this year, as it was another very unusual year! Hopefully we’ll be back to normal in 2022.

The results of each competition are posted below. Congratulations to all the class winners – certificates will be sent out in the coming days.

Prone Rifle Trophies & Awards Summer 2019 – Winter 2019/20

In a normal year, the trophy and medal list would be prepared in time for presentations at the May AGM, covering the previous summer & winter seasons. Due to the pandemic, and the extended deadlines for some of the Winter competitions, the list has only now been possible to collate.

Congratulations to all the Team and Individual medal and trophy winners listed in the file attached to this post. Trophies will not be presented this year, but the winners names will be engraved on them at the earliest opportunity; medals will be distributed to all clubs in the next week or two.

Prone Rifle – J.R. Newman Team, Winter 2019-20

Scores and knockout table for rounds 1, 2, 3 and the Final of the J.R. Newman team ‘name your own start’ competition are attached below.

Unfortunately the final round was disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic, which is most unfortunate. In the end, no cards were received from Wimborne and so congratulations go to the winners, Andy Todd and Rob Keenan of Flight Refuelling ‘B’ . Scores and the final knockout table are available below.

(612) Inter County Women’s SR Rifle League 19/20

Official results for the NSRA inter county Women’s short range rifle league, winter 2019-2020. Dorset in Division 5.

(611) Inter county reserves league 2019/20

Latest official results from the NSRA for the Inter County Reserves league, Winter 2019/20. Dorset are in Division 4.

Bisley success for Dorset shooters

Rob Keenan

Congratulations to Rob on winning the Class Aggregate for the Codrington Memorial Challenge Trophy at the recent NSRA Bisley Meeting. Robs score of 2702 which would have placed him 11th in Class X. He also won the following medals and trophies on the way.

  • Competition 1, 40 shots at 50 Mtr 3rd place (Bronze Medal)
  • Competition 2, 40 shots at 100 yard 1st place (the Sir Power Palmer Challenge Cup and Gold Medal)
  • Competition 3, 40 shots at 100 yard 1st place (the Senior Service Challenge Trophy and Gold Medal)
  • Competition 4, 40 shots at 50 Mtr 3rd place (Bronze Medal)
  • Competition 6, 40 shots at 100 yard 2nd place (Silver Medal)
  • At the weekend Rob was 2nd in Competition 9, 20 shots at 50 Mtr plus 20 shots at 100 yard.
  • 3rd in Competition 10a, 40 shots at 50 yard, and 3rd in the overall aggregate of 40 shots at 50 Mtr and 40 shots at 100 yard.
  • Rob was equal first in the Life and annual members competition with 392 ex 400, 6th in the Champions of Champions with a score of 614.20 and a very creditable 9th in the Earl Roberts with a score of 766. He had one bad diagram at 100 yard which if it had been similar to his others would have placed him 3rd or 4th.
  • Rob also shot for the victorious England team in the Home International.

Tony Coulson

We should also congratulate Tony for coming 3rd in his Class in Competition 1 and 3rd in the Veterans.

In all a very successful week for our two Dorset shooters, so why not join them next year? you never know you may enjoy it and without support the meeting will not survive.
A full set of results are available on the NSRA web site.

(611) Inter County Reserves SR Rifle League 18/19

Inter County Reserves short range league (Dorset in Division 2)

The County reserves results for the final four rounds are now published and available below.

Round 6: (611) Round 6 Results

Round 5: (611) Round 5 Results

Round 4: (611) Round 4 Results

Round 3: (611) Round 3 Results

Round 2: (611) Round 2 Results

Round 1: (611) Round 1 Results

Wessex Cup 2019

The Wessex Cup competition was held at Piddlehinton range on Saturday 13th July. The event was hosted by Dorset and teams from Hampshire, Devon and Somerset competed for the trophy.

The course of fire for this competition is similar to a double dewar, except that the second card at each range is 30 shots to count, with no sighters, giving a maximum score of 500 per range.

Congratulations to the Hampshire team (pictured), who retained the trophy. The final scores are attached.

The winning team from Hampshire.

(610) Inter County SR Rifle League 18/19

Inter County short range league (Dorset in Division 3).
“Dorset finished 2nd with the highest gun score – a great result we should be proud of.” – Martin Overal, County Rifle Captain

Round 10: (610) Round 10 Div 3 Amendment

Round 9: (610) Round 9 Div 3 Amendment

Round 8: (610) Round 8 Results

Round 7: (610) Round 7 Results

Round 6: (610) Round 6 Results

Round 5: (610) Round 5 Results

Round 4: (610) Round 4 Results

Round 3: (610) Round 3 Results

Round 2: (610) Round 2 Div 3 Amendment

Round 1: (610) Round 1 Results


Short Range Championship 2018-19, round 2 results

Attached are the results of the second stage of the Championship, which decided the Class winners.
Class A was a tie with Dave Chick and Rob Keenan both on 298, Class B won by David Higgs, Class C by Steve Jarrett and Class D by Keith Starks. Evie Beech won the Ladies, Stewart Larter Whitcher the Veterans and Elliot Pearce the Juniors.
My congratulations to all winners.
The ten people whose names are listed under DORSET COUNTY SHORT RANGE CHAMPIONSHIP FINALISTS are invited to shoot for the overall County Short Range Championship in a shoulder-to-shoulder shoot to be held at Bournemouth Rifle Club’s Range at Chapel Gate on Friday, 19th July 2019, commencing c6.30pm (the range will be open 06.00pm).
Martin Overal

Championship Round 2 Results 2018-19

Short range championship 2018-19, round 1 results

Results for round 1 of the 2018-19 championship are available here.

Qualifiers who have  L, V or J in bold against their name will also be shooting for the  Ladies, Veterans or Juniors Championship as appropriate].

Those listed under ‘Others’, whose names are marked with an asterisk; will compete only for the Ladies, Veterans or Juniors Championships as appropriate.

Round 2 is to be shot by 25th March, 2019, and cards returned to the scorer by 31st March, 2019.