Corona Virus Information

Dorset SBRPA hopes that all shooters and their families are taking suitable personal precautions against contracting and spreading the virus. Below are some additional suggestions and pieces of information that may be useful. Updated 29th May.

All remaining 2020 DSBRPA open rifle meetings cancelled: The Dorset management has taken the decision to cancel the remaining open rifle meetings in 2020. This is due to continued uncertainty about the pandemic, and the view that the County would not be able to effectively meet the infection prevention levels required by government guidelines.
See the full announcement here

AGM 2020 cancelled (10/4/2020): In the light of the continuing Covid-19 outbreak, the committee has taken the decision to cancel the Annual General Meeting for this year which was due to take place at Bryanston School on Friday May 29th. Bryanston School is closed anyway, but clearly it is unlikely that restrictions will have been lifted by the end of May anyway.
See the full announcement here.

Bisley ranges closed until 31st August: (26th March)
The NRA has announced the suspension of civilian shooting, and cancellation of all competitions, on the Bisley ranges until 31st August. This will presumably cause the NSRA Bisley rifle meeting to be cancelled as well.

Winter league final rounds: (25th March)
SR Team of 5 and Individual SR leagues: Both of these competitions have been completed, and the final results have been published this week.
SR Team of 3: Unfortunately teams from Flight Refuelling, Wimborne, Parkstone and Dorchester were unable to shoot the last round due to unavoidable range closures or self-isolation. To give those clubs a chance of completing the competition, the due date for round 5 of this competition is extended to Monday 29th June
Dorset Short Range Championship: 5 people have been unable to shoot their stage 2 cards (Tony Edwards, Mike Frizzle, John Henderson, Chris Anderson & Beth Stephenson). To give those people the chance to shoot their stage 2 cards, the due date for stage 2 of this competition is extended to Monday 29th June. The shoulder-to-shoulder Final will be arranged once stage 2 is completed.
The JWR Newman knockout: Range closure meant that Wimborne are unable to shoot the final round by the due date. The due date for the final round of this competition is extended to Monday 29th June

Competitions have initially been extended by about 3 months, in the hope that we will be shooting again in June. However this will reviewed again at the end of May.

Summer Leagues: (21st March)
Thank you for your entries. We have decided to reduce the course of fire for all Summer League competitions. This means that most competitions will be reduced to just 5 rounds.
In addition, there will be a single last date of shooting for all rounds in all competitions, which will be at the end of September. We hope that is will allow some league shooting to take place, and give shooters plenty of flexibility to shoot the cards.
Stickers etc will be sent out shortly

Club Weapons: It may be that you have club rifles or other weapons which are being shared between existing or prospective members. In the current climate you should consider cleaning/disinfecting the equipment between use  by different shooters.

DSBRPA AGM: The AGM is at this staged fixed for Friday 29th May, but we will obviously be reviewing that along with the dates fixed for various meetings and will keep you posted as to progress.

Remaining 2020 open rifle meetings cancelled

28th May 2020 – Announcement from Martin Overall, Captain:

I have had a number of requests to open up shooting in Dorset, especially the outdoor shoots, which we have considered carefully.  Our view is that the risks are too high with regards to transmission of the COVID 19 virus and we would break the social distancing/group meeting rules as set out by the Government.

The main challenges are:
– Setting up the range and cleaning all surfaces prior to shooting

hanging and handling of cards to be scored
use and cleaning of toilets
clearing of the range at the end of the event
issuing of trophies/medals (which is not essential, but nice to have). 

All of these activities offer a high to medium risk of infection if anyone is an unknown carrier of the virus plus the general demographic of shooters does put the majority of us all in a higher risk grup.   I am not sure we would even get the numbers attending to make the event cost effective with this added risk and a general reluctance to meet away from home.

As a County we have a duty of care to each and every shooter who comes to our events and unfortunately I do not think we can meet these obligations satisfactorily.  Therefore I have taken the view that we will not be holding any events during 2020 at Piddlehinton.   I am sorry for this sad news and hope we will be in a better position to enjoy this fantastic weather (fingers crossed) at our shoots next year.
Please take care of yourself and I hope to see you in 2021.

Martin Overall

Prone Rifle – J.R. Newman Team, Winter 2019-20

Scores and knockout table for rounds 1, 2 & 3 of the J.R. Newman team ‘name your own start’ competition are attached below.

Congratulations to Sherborne ‘B’ and Flight Refuelling ‘B’ for reaching the Final. Stickers for the final will be in the post soon. Last date of shooting for the final round is 13th April 2020.