Prone Rifle JWR Newman 2021-22 Results

Round 2 of the JWR Newman knockout competition is now complete, and the scores and knockout table are in the attached document.

Round 2 was quite exciting – Witchampton A put in the only perfect team score of 400 …. but unfortunately it was disqualified due to non-compliance with the rules!
The round also had a tie between Flight Refuelling A and Wimborne A, which was decided by re-scoring with the first oversized gauge.

Congratulations to all the teams that now progress to round 3 – your stickers will be sent out shortly. Good luck!

2022 Prone Rifle Short Range Championship – Stage 1 results

The results of stage 1 of the 2022 Dorset Short Range Chamionships are available below.

Congratulations to all the shooters who qualified for stage 2. Stickers for stage 2 cards will be sent out the clubs in the next few days.

Updated 23/01/2022 – Incorrect ‘Veteran’ classifications corrected (highlighted in Yellow)

Prone Rifle – Winter 2020-21 results

Finally an end to the longest ever Winter Season. After tiers, lockdown, restrictions and a couple of deadline postponements – the final deadline for scores to be received has passed, and the results are in.

Due to the pandemic, we only ran the Individual and Team of 3 leagues, and then only with a half course of fire. As expected, participation was well down, but still reasonable given the circumstances. We also welcomed Market Drayton as a new club to the Dorset rifle leagues.

In the end some people were still unable to shoot their cards, but there was still a decent competition in most divisions.

Congratulations to all the division winners! Medals will be issued in due course.

Team of 3 results and averages

Individual league results and scores

Important update about Dorset Rifle leagues

Update – July 19th 2021
The following information was today mailed to clubs who entered the Dorset Rifle Winter 2020-21 league

I have had some feedback recently about the slow return of members that clubs are experiencing and expecting, even now that you should be able to fully re-open. This is not too surprising, I suppose, but it does make it much harder for some of you to turn in a full set of cards by the first week in September.

For this reason, we have decided to make a general 4 week extension to all the Winter 2020-21 cards, as below:

  • Last date for shooting 2020-21 winter leagues is now Monday 4th October 2021
  • Last date for scores to be received by me: Monday 11th October 2021

I hope that this will go some way to helping you to submit scores for all the people who entered, so that we can have as meaningful a competition as possible in the circumstances.

I’m always grateful to get some feedback from you, so please feel free to let me know whether this will help your club.

Update – March 7th 2021
The following information was mailed to all club league contacts on 7th March 2021
This is to update you on the arrangements for finishing the current Winter 2020-21 leagues, and our intentions for the summer 2021 season.

Winter Leagues 2020-21
Now that there is a National plan for gradually relaxing Covid related restrictions, we know that the earliest date for ranges to re-open is mid April, and that many indoor ranges will not reopen immediately due to the restrictions that will still be in place for some additional weeks. It is also very clear that many indoor ranges have not re-opened at all since the Winter league stickers were sent out late last year.

Clearly that makes the current last date for shooting all five rounds (29th March) un workable and unfair.

In order to give a fair opportunity for all participants, and to avoid wasting the efforts of those who have already shot some rounds, the Dorset committee has decided to extend the winter season through to the end of the summer season. It is hoped that enough ranges will be able to reopen for long enough to give participants a reasonable chance of completing the much reduced course of fire.

So please note these new dates for all 5 rounds of the Winter 2020-21 rifle leagues:

  • Last date for shooting 2020-21 winter leagues is now Monday 6th September 2021
  • Last date for scores to be received by me Monday 13th September 2021

Summer Leagues 2021
As we are now extending the winter leagues through the summer period, and because there will still be shooters who do not feel comfortable re-joining the sport yet, the committee has decided not to run the usual Summer League program in 2021.

However, most outdoor ranges will be open, and many shooters will want to do some shooting, and so we will run less formal individual 50m league and 100yd league.

These will be kept simple and reasonably flexible:

  • Course of fire: 10 rounds of 10 shots @ 50m/yds and/or 10 rounds of 10 shots @ 100yds. i.e. 5 cards per distance, 2 stickers on each card.
  • Local scoring only
  • Free entry – for each distance just mail the league organiser with the names of people for whom you’d like a set of stickers.
  • No closing date for entries, so people can enter any time in the season
  • All entrants will shoot as individuals in their most recent Dorset class (see list published below)
  • Highest aggregate in each class wins the class at each distance.
  • All cards to be shot by Monday 6th September 2021 (regardless of when stickers were issued)
  • All scores to be received by the league organiser by Monday 13th September 2021
  • No prizes or medals, but certificates to class winners

We hope that these two competitions will help to encourage shooters back onto the ranges as the restrictions ease off. Please also see the attached document for further details.

Please let me know if you have any questions about the above, and I look forward to receiving summer entries from your club.

Best regards,
Dave Chick
Dorset Rifle League organiser

Update – September 30th 2020

The committee has reviewed responses from clubs about their willingness and ability to shoot in competitions this winter, and has decided that a limited set of Dorset Winter rifle league competitions will be run this year.

The competitions will be one team and one individual league; the normal course of fire will be halved, and all cards will be due to be shot by Monday 29th March 2021. The league organiser will send out entry forms in the next few days.

Please note that the last date for shooting the remaining cards of last winter’s team of 3, championship and JR Newman has now passed, and final results will be published shortly.

The following message was today (5th July 2020) circulated to all rifle league contacts by the rifle league organiser. (NB! Decisions regarding Dorset Air and LWR leagues will be taken later in July)

Dear league contact,

I hope that you and your club members are safe and well.

It is about 3 months since I last contacted you about how we were adapting the Dorset rifle leagues to the covid-19 crisis, and now it’s time for a new update. This time I’d like to cover the remaining parts of the 2019-20 Winter leagues, the Summer 2020 leagues, and our intentions for the Winter 2020-21 leagues.

Against the background of the lockdown being eased and many outdoor ranges re-opening, we still have social distancing and hygiene rules to contend with, indoor ranges are closed, there is a general nervousness amongst many of our shooters and a common expectation that there will be a second spike in infections with potential for more lockdowns. It is hoped that indoor ranges will be allowed to re-open in the next 3-4 weeks, allowing some shooting to take place over the summer, but it is very doubtful that restrictions will be completely lifted before the winter season.

When deciding what to do about the various leagues, the Dorset committee has considered these factors as well as their duties as an organising body. 

Taken all together, the committee has decided the following:

Remaining parts of the 2019-20 Winter leagues

We still want to give all participants the opportunity to complete these competitions, as they were so close to finishing when the crisis hit.

SR Team of 3 – teams from Flight Refuelling, Wimborne, Parkstone and Dorchester were unable to shoot the last round due to unavoidable range closures or self-isolation. To give those clubs a chance of completing the competition, the due date for round 5 of this competition is extended again to Monday 28th September

Dorset Short Range Championship – 5 people were unable to shoot their stage 2 cards (Tony Edwards, Mike Frizzle, John Henderson, Chris Anderson & Beth Stephenson). To give those people the chance to shoot their stage 2 cards, the due date for stage 2 of this competition is further extended to Monday 28th September. Please make sure to inform the affected individuals in your club.

NB! There will be no shoulder to shoulder final, and the championship will not be awarded this year. Prizes by Class will be awarded as usual once all cards have been shot.

The JWR Newman knockout – Range closure meant that Wimborne were unable to shoot the final round by the due date. The due date for the final round of this competition is extended again to Monday 28th September

If your club is one of those affected by these three extensions, please check that you and your members still have the remaining cards – if you have disposed of any unshot cards, please let me know and I’ll re-issue stickers for the individuals involved.

2020 Summer leagues

The committee has reluctantly decided to cancel all 2020 summer rifle leagues, including the long range competitions.

The outdoor competitions have been cancelled mainly due to the highly restricted range capacity in Dorset, especially at Queens Park where many clubs shoot. It is felt that the capacity will be so tight that it is unfair to expect all clubs to be able to complete the course of fire.

We appreciate that this may be a particular issue for Dorset, and apologise to other clubs where such capacity restrictions are less severe.

Clubs may choose whether their Summer league entry fees are re-funded, or carried over to the next season. I will assume that fees will be carried forward, unless you request a refund from me.

2020-21 Winter leagues

Normally, I would send out winter season entry forms during July, with the aim of issuing stickers by the end of August, and first round due early October. This year, due to the general uncertainty, the committee has decided to play it safe by postponing the start of the winter leagues and reducing the course of fire appropriately.

In practice, this means that we will review the situation again in September with the hope that I can send out entry forms early in October, issue stickers in November, with first cards due in January 2021. Some competitions might not be run at all due to the shortened period for shooting. But if the situation is still bad or highly uncertain in September, we may cancel the winter leagues as well.

Cancelling and shortening leagues are not decisions that are taken lightly by the committee, and it is very regrettable that we feel forced to take such actions. With 2020 more or less written off for shooting, please join me in hoping that 2021 will be a good year on the ranges for us all.

Also, we sincerely hope that all shooters will see the lack of league cards as an opportunity to shoot for the sheer enjoyment it. Enjoyment is, after all, supposed to be why we do this sport!

I would be glad to hear how each club has managed during the crisis, and especially about any plans you may have to re-open when circumstances allow.

Yours in shooting

David Chick
Dorset Rifle League organiser

NSRA requests YOUR views…

This important message has been received from the NSRA Board. Please take a few minutes to read this request for feedback, and ideally complete the survey. It is really important that everyone in the sport assists our governing body, the NSRA, to adapt and evolve to meet the needs of a wide range of shooters. Please take some time to contribute!

Dear Members, Club/County/Association Secretaries and Fellow Shooters,

Throughout our 119 year history, the NSRA has continually strived to develop, support and actively encourage shooting sports across the United Kingdom. The shooting community has always been at the heart of the work the NSRA do. We, the NSRA, are determined to engage with you, the shooter, so that you and the sport you love will continue to be supported by a passionate and dedicated organisation for many more years to come.

We know the shooting community has become much more diverse in many ways over the last 20 years, and the NSRA has been slow to embrace such changes. This has, in part, contributed to some members of the community viewing the Association as out of touch. It is crucial that we support all of our disciplines and types of shooter. Therefore, we need to understand everyone’s requirements, including those who are not NSRA members, so that we can make membership something that every shooter values and consequently increase the NSRA’s resources to invest in improving our service to all of you.

We are working hard to change. We are striving to transform and modernise the Association so that it is fit for purpose, and well-positioned to support the shooters of today and tomorrow. This is by no means an easy task. We are giving it all of our effort, but in order for the NSRA to be the organisation you want and need it to be, we are going to need your help.

This survey, arguably the most comprehensive of its type in recent times, is the first way in which you can help. Please take your time to complete it carefully and do pass it on to your shooting friends, especially those who may not currently be NSRA members. Testing has demonstrated that it should take between 10 and 15 minutes to answer. Your responses are extremely important; therefore, as an incentive, all those who complete this survey will have the chance to win one of three NSRA Vouchers to the value of £100. In addition you have the chance to win a Peli Storm case to the retail value of up to £500 by completing all stages of the process. The prize will be your own personal choice so it is compatible with your particular shooting discipline.

This is just the first phase of our plan to consult directly with the shooting community we serve. There will be more opportunities in the near future to get involved. Please keep an eye out for details on the NSRA website and our social media. This is your chance to mould the NSRA into the National Governing Body you want it to be. We would encourage as many of you as possible to get involved at all stages. The more we share the survey amongst our shooting friends the more say Shooters will have in shaping the future of the NSRA.

We are determined that the modernisation process will be transparent. Consequently, the results of all the surveys, relevant meetings and focus groups will be published on our website and social media. Please do encourage every Shooter you know to participate, everyone has a part to play and a contribution to make so please Click Here

Yours faithfully

NSRA Board of Trustees

PS Please share with your club, county and association members as well as shooting friends and associates

Corona Virus Information

Dorset SBRPA hopes that all shooters and their families are taking suitable personal precautions against contracting and spreading the virus. Below are some additional suggestions and pieces of information that may be useful. Updated 5th July 2020.

Rifle League update: Due to the continued general uncertainty surrounding the covid-19 pandemic, and various other related factors, the Dorset committee has decided to cancel the summer rifle leagues for 2020. It has also been announced that the winter leagues will be postponed and will have a reduced course of fire.
See the full announcement here

All remaining 2020 DSBRPA open rifle meetings cancelled: The Dorset management has taken the decision to cancel the remaining open rifle meetings in 2020. This is due to continued uncertainty about the pandemic, and the view that the County would not be able to effectively meet the infection prevention levels required by government guidelines.
See the full announcement here

AGM 2020 cancelled (10/4/2020): In the light of the continuing Covid-19 outbreak, the committee has taken the decision to cancel the Annual General Meeting for this year which was due to take place at Bryanston School on Friday May 29th. Bryanston School is closed anyway, but clearly it is unlikely that restrictions will have been lifted by the end of May anyway.
See the full announcement here.

Bisley ranges closed until 31st August: (26th March)
The NRA has announced the suspension of civilian shooting, and cancellation of all competitions, on the Bisley ranges until 31st August. This will presumably cause the NSRA Bisley rifle meeting to be cancelled as well.

Winter league final rounds: (25th March)
SR Team of 5 and Individual SR leagues: Both of these competitions have been completed, and the final results have been published this week.
SR Team of 3: Unfortunately teams from Flight Refuelling, Wimborne, Parkstone and Dorchester were unable to shoot the last round due to unavoidable range closures or self-isolation. To give those clubs a chance of completing the competition, the due date for round 5 of this competition is extended to Monday 29th June
Dorset Short Range Championship: 5 people have been unable to shoot their stage 2 cards (Tony Edwards, Mike Frizzle, John Henderson, Chris Anderson & Beth Stephenson). To give those people the chance to shoot their stage 2 cards, the due date for stage 2 of this competition is extended to Monday 29th June. The shoulder-to-shoulder Final will be arranged once stage 2 is completed.
The JWR Newman knockout: Range closure meant that Wimborne are unable to shoot the final round by the due date. The due date for the final round of this competition is extended to Monday 29th June

Competitions have initially been extended by about 3 months, in the hope that we will be shooting again in June. However this will reviewed again at the end of May.

Summer Leagues: (21st March)
Thank you for your entries. We have decided to reduce the course of fire for all Summer League competitions. This means that most competitions will be reduced to just 5 rounds.
In addition, there will be a single last date of shooting for all rounds in all competitions, which will be at the end of September. We hope that is will allow some league shooting to take place, and give shooters plenty of flexibility to shoot the cards.
Stickers etc will be sent out shortly

Club Weapons: It may be that you have club rifles or other weapons which are being shared between existing or prospective members. In the current climate you should consider cleaning/disinfecting the equipment between use  by different shooters.

DSBRPA AGM: The AGM is at this staged fixed for Friday 29th May, but we will obviously be reviewing that along with the dates fixed for various meetings and will keep you posted as to progress.

Remaining 2020 open rifle meetings cancelled

28th May 2020 – Announcement from Martin Overall, Captain:

I have had a number of requests to open up shooting in Dorset, especially the outdoor shoots, which we have considered carefully.  Our view is that the risks are too high with regards to transmission of the COVID 19 virus and we would break the social distancing/group meeting rules as set out by the Government.

The main challenges are:
– Setting up the range and cleaning all surfaces prior to shooting

hanging and handling of cards to be scored
use and cleaning of toilets
clearing of the range at the end of the event
issuing of trophies/medals (which is not essential, but nice to have). 

All of these activities offer a high to medium risk of infection if anyone is an unknown carrier of the virus plus the general demographic of shooters does put the majority of us all in a higher risk grup.   I am not sure we would even get the numbers attending to make the event cost effective with this added risk and a general reluctance to meet away from home.

As a County we have a duty of care to each and every shooter who comes to our events and unfortunately I do not think we can meet these obligations satisfactorily.  Therefore I have taken the view that we will not be holding any events during 2020 at Piddlehinton.   I am sorry for this sad news and hope we will be in a better position to enjoy this fantastic weather (fingers crossed) at our shoots next year.
Please take care of yourself and I hope to see you in 2021.

Martin Overall

AGM 2020 Cancelled

In the light of the continuing Covid-19 outbreak, the committee has taken the decision to cancel the Annual General Meeting for this year which was due to take place at Bryanston School on Friday May 29th. Bryanston School is closed anyway, but clearly it is unlikely that restrictions will have been lifted by the end of May anyway.

The AGM would obviously be the time normally when officers of the Association would be elected. As this is not possible I would be grateful if you would consult with your members if you are able to do so, and let me have your views. The committee hopes that you will find the proposals below appropriate in the circumstances in which we find ourselves but it is important for any members to be able to express their views.

The proposals are as follows:

  1. That the existing committee continues for a further 12 months from 29th May, that is Tony Coulson (Chairman), Rob Keenan (Treasurer), Martin Overall (County Rifle Captain), Barrie Phillips (Air Weapons Captain), Mike Frizzle, Alan Motson (NSRA Representative)
  2. That Alan Motson continue as County Secretary, having taken over the role from Toddy Winton last year, his appointment to be confirmed at a future AGM.

It is also obvious that we shall not be in a position to present trophies for competition winners for the 2019-2020 season. The committee will consider how best to deal with this in due course when things have returned to some sort of normality!!

I should be grateful of your responses as soon as possible.

Keep well and keep safe

Best wishes

Alan Motson

DSBRPA Secretary

Prone Rifle Summer leagues 2020

The entry forms for Summer 2020 leagues are going in the post today to Clubs that enter regularly. Attached to this post is a summary of the Summer competitions offered by Dorset County. Closing date for entries is Saturday 7th March 2020.

If you would like entry forms for your club, or you are a regular entrant and have not received yours by 24th January, please contact the league organiser through the Contact us page.

Toddy Winton – A Brief Tribute

Toddy sadly passed away on 13th December 2019. 

An active shooter for many years, often competing in the past at Bisley meetings; from April 1985 onwards, he took on the role of Secretary to the County Association, and he became the heart and soul of small-bore shooting in Dorset. His contribution to the sport has been immense, and in his own inimitable way he has organised and run so much and so many of the activities we have enjoyed.

In addition to fulfilling the formal role of Secretary, completing affiliation forms with the NSRA and generally attending to the necessary administrative tasks, he has organised many of the County’s league and individual competitions – summer and winter – teams of 3 and teams of 5 – 50 and 100 yards in the summer – and has been instrumental in encouraging entries from teams outside of Dorset to swell the competitions. He also arranged three outdoor shoots each year at Piddlehinton, dealing with entries, often doing much of the scoring and the posting of results.

Each year he organised the Annual General Meeting and Prize-giving, gently and tactfully keeping Chairmen in their place but on the right tracks. He has kept us in touch with changes in rules and regulations pertaining to the sport, most recently of course having to deal with all the GDPR requirements.

In addition to his County responsibilities he also acted as Secretary to Witchampton Rifle Club, of which he was a long-standing member. There, and in many other places, he will be remembered with fondness for his sheer humanity, and also for the way in which he would happily give time to helping and encouraging everyone, particularly those new to the sport.

It should be remembered that behind every great man there is an even greater woman!! Paula has been a tremendous support to Toddy over the years,  sorting out refreshments at Piddlehinton, organising until recently the “spread” we had at the AGM, and no doubt being prepared to put up with all the time he devoted to his beloved sport.

In the last couple of months we were able to arrange a long service award from the NSRA, and Toddy received this at the final dinner he attended with his friends of the “Saturday Night Club” – all those who were involved each time in setting up the range for the meetings at Piddlehinton.

Toddy will be missed greatly by the whole shooting fraternity, in Dorset and beyond.

Tony Coulson Alan Motson
Chairman Secretary

Bisley success for Dorset shooters

Rob Keenan

Congratulations to Rob on winning the Class Aggregate for the Codrington Memorial Challenge Trophy at the recent NSRA Bisley Meeting. Robs score of 2702 which would have placed him 11th in Class X. He also won the following medals and trophies on the way.

  • Competition 1, 40 shots at 50 Mtr 3rd place (Bronze Medal)
  • Competition 2, 40 shots at 100 yard 1st place (the Sir Power Palmer Challenge Cup and Gold Medal)
  • Competition 3, 40 shots at 100 yard 1st place (the Senior Service Challenge Trophy and Gold Medal)
  • Competition 4, 40 shots at 50 Mtr 3rd place (Bronze Medal)
  • Competition 6, 40 shots at 100 yard 2nd place (Silver Medal)
  • At the weekend Rob was 2nd in Competition 9, 20 shots at 50 Mtr plus 20 shots at 100 yard.
  • 3rd in Competition 10a, 40 shots at 50 yard, and 3rd in the overall aggregate of 40 shots at 50 Mtr and 40 shots at 100 yard.
  • Rob was equal first in the Life and annual members competition with 392 ex 400, 6th in the Champions of Champions with a score of 614.20 and a very creditable 9th in the Earl Roberts with a score of 766. He had one bad diagram at 100 yard which if it had been similar to his others would have placed him 3rd or 4th.
  • Rob also shot for the victorious England team in the Home International.

Tony Coulson

We should also congratulate Tony for coming 3rd in his Class in Competition 1 and 3rd in the Veterans.

In all a very successful week for our two Dorset shooters, so why not join them next year? you never know you may enjoy it and without support the meeting will not survive.
A full set of results are available on the NSRA web site.

NSRA targets update 14-11-2018

Good afternoon,

Here is an update on the current position with Winter Competitions and Targets.  I appreciate how frustrating the lack of communication can be, but we wanted to be sure we could provide accurate information.

All NSRA targets are being investigated and we are dealing with them in priority order. Starting with the 2510 B.M./89 target that highlighted the problem, we’ve been working hard with Sykes to correct their printing issues for this and other targets.

The following targets have been proofed, quality checked and signed off for printing this week and will soon be available in the NSRA Shop:
PL14/06 – 18
2510 B.M./89 – 18
Air 4/89 – 18
MM 12 C 1996 – 18
It must be noted that the “-18” suffix added to all new printed target codes indicates a quality controlled target and can be assured it is up to specification and suitable for National Competition.

All other targets are being put through a similar stringent Quality Control Investigation and new proof targets checked before printing resumes.

Current Targets
The following targets not up to the full specification, however the scoring is not effected and so CAN BE USED for competition purposes:
MM 12 C 1996
1001C 1996
1003 B.M./89
Air 4/89
2510 B.M./89 (either purchased after 20th September 2018 or exchanged)

The following targets are NOT ACCEPTABLE to use for competition purposes:
Air 2/89
Air 3/89
2510 B.M./89 (purchased pre September 20th 2018)
2010 B.M./89
M.M. 13/89
2510 BR15
2010 BR17
Other targets are still to be investigated and proofed.

Competition Timings
It is my intention that the main Winter Season Short Range Competitions paperwork and stickers should be posted by the end of this week.  Other Competitions will follow relative to the target proofs being finalised.

Every League Competition will have an extension granted for Rounds 1 to 5 to be shot by the Round 5 date (Jan 7th 2019 for Club & Individual Leagues, Jan 14th for County Leagues).  We will of course address any further problems and/or delays by granting extensions following our normal guidelines on a case by case basis

Hopefully this will give an indication of the current position and the timescale for our Winter Season. Also it should provide sufficient time for you to procure the new “-18” targets if required as they are produced.

Thank you for your patience in this matter. I appreciate that this will have a knock on effect in timing for other competitions but competing in a fair manner on equivalent targets is the main priority. Other information will be made available on the NSRA website.

Kind regards,

Sandra Smith
NSRA Competitions Co-ordinator
01483 485540
Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri: 9am – 4pm
Wednesday: 9am – 3pm
National Small-bore Rifle Association