Scorers course

It is hoped to run a course in the Autumn (October / November). Actual date and venue to be decided.
The course will cover all disciplines run by the DSR&PA.

The course will take place on a Saturday between 09:00 and 16:00. Tea and coffee provided, bring your own packed lunch. There will be a small charge to cover running costs and the NSRA Certificate.

If you are interested please use the form below to contact the organiser.


Dates for 2019 summer rifle events

The following dates are confirmed:

19th May, English Match, Piddlehinton. Program and entry form:
English match 2019 – Program
English match 2019 – Entry form

13th July, Wessex Cup (County team event), Piddlehinton

14th July, Double Dewar, Piddlehinton

Unfortunately the Singapore cup and Grand Prix will not take place in 2019, due to non availability of suitable dates at Piddlehinton.