Winter 2022-23 JWR Newman Knockout Results and Table

Please find attached the scores and knockout table for the 2022-23 JWR Newman pairs handicap knockout competition, after round 3.

Stickers for the final round will be issued shortly.

Round 3

Round 2

Round 1 eliminator

Dorset Firearms Licensing – diary of an FAC renewal application

It may be of interest to other Dorset FAC holders to see the progress of this writer’s application for renewal of his FAC, which expires in September 2022.

13th May 2022 – FAC renewal reminder letter received from Dorset Police, about 4 months in advance of the expiry date. Very helpful, thanks.

15th May 2022 – On-line application form submitted. The on-line form was well structured and easy to complete – but be aware that you cannot save it and come back to it another time. Take note of the list of things they say you need and have them available before starting!

16th May 2022 – GP letter pro-forma (downloaded from the police website) taken to local GP surgery. £20 Fee paid. The surgery has clearly had such requests before, and took it in their stride.

20th May 2022 – Completed form collected from GP surgery. A scanned copy then e-mailed to the Firearms Licensing dept.

21st May 2022 – The attached standard letter was received. It illustrates the current scale of the delays that the Firearms Licensing dept have in processing applications. On the positive side, at least they are being up-front about it and are managing expections.

Now we wait…. nothing more expected for 2-3 months at the earliest.

26th July 2022 – Almost exactly 2 months after the application was submitted, the below letter was received. It states that the FAC will not be renewed by it’s expiry date, and confirming that it has been extended by 2 months. Fair enough! Let’s see whether it is actually renewed before the extended expiry date.

27th October 2022 – Five and a half months in, and today a temporary permit was received. It is valid for a further 6 months, which takes us nicely to the (1st) anniversary of the application.
As a temporary permit, it only covers the rifles already held and does not allow the acquisition of any new ones. Not a problem, as it happens.

11th January 2023 – visit from a very friendly and helpful officer, who was most apologetic for the state of firearms licensing in Dorset. After all the usual questions, and several corrections to the police records, a positive outcome was assured.

1st February 2023 – Eight and a half months after submitting the renewal, a shiny new FAC appeared, correct in every detail. Not sure I’d trust the bloke in the photo though – looks pretty sinister to me.

Winter 2022/23 – Rifle League details (dates, divisions etc)

Please find below the details of all rifle leagues being run in the Winter 2022-23 season. Details include due dates and opponents per round, division members and averages.

All the usual Winter competitions are being run this season. Stickers were sent to all club contacts on Wedenesday 21/09/2022.

Good shooting!

Note to Clubs

25 Yard Team of 5

25 yard Team of 3

Parkstone team corrected 28/09/2022

25yd Individual

Short range Championship

JWR Newman

Knockout table corrected 28/09/2022

Royal Manor

2022 events

The Association is currently trying to arrange two events for 2022:

    The planned open meeting, to be held at Piddlehinton on Sunday October 2nd., has been CANCELLED. This is due to a lack of availability of organisers for the event.
  • The 2022 AGM and prize-giving, to be held in October or November

Further details will be announced as they become available

Summer 2022 prone rifle 50m/yd Individual league results – final

Please find attached the final results for the Dorset Prone Rifle 50m/yd Individual league, Summer 2022.

Congratulations to all division winners, medals and certificates will be distributed in the Autumn. Thanks to everyone for taking part, and thanks to all the local scorers for (mostly) submitting the scores on time! Next Summer, the team competition will be teams of 3 instead of teams of 5, and so hopefully we will be able to run that league as well.

Items for Sale #2

Due to the unfortunate closure of Sherborne Rifle Club, the following items are offered for private sale by a club member.

  • Rifle. Metal unmarked, stock no dents, Fitted with Tucker Tube foresight with Eagle Eye insert; rear sight Aschultz with adjustable aperture and filters. Quantity of foresight elements. Pretty well showroom condition! £450 or sensible offer.
  • Holme rifle case, as new. £15.
  • Kowa scope with angled eyepiece, unmarked. £50
  • Andrew Tucker full leather jacket, size large, just nicely run in! – offers.
  • Anschalte glove, size large, £10.
  • To dispose of: two Anschultz rifles, one match 54 and one lightweight. Club rifles therefor somewhat shabby and unloved but in good working condition. Happy to donate them for use or for spares otherwise they will be surrendered.

Happy to talk discount for multiple purchases.

Please contact Ian on 01963370835 or 07531270599.  e-mail isp8 @

Click on the pictures to see larger verions.

Items for Sale

Due to the unfortunate closure of Sherborne Rifle Club, the following items are offered for private sale by a club member.

  • Anschutz rifle bag 4 years old in excellent condition £35 or near offer.
  • Anschutz .22 target rifle serial number 73141 – £300 ONO
  • Anschutz spotting scope tripod. As new. £75 ONO
  • Anschutz pro tech 125 glove and 4-year-old Gehmann jacket fits 44 inch chest (button positions adjustable) £100 ONO

Please contact Ian on 07989 555 082 or e-mail ian @ for further details.

Click on the pictures to see larger verions.

Dorset Firearms Licensing – Have your say!

We have all either heard the horror stories, or have direct experience of the problems that the shooting community have been experiencing with Dorset Firearms Licensing. Now, those of us who have been in contact with the licensing service all have a chance to have our say – but act quickly as responses must be submitted by Wednesday 1st June

As your Police and Crime Commissioner I am constantly seeking ways in which to improve the service that the residents and communities of Dorset receive and as service users,  I would very much like to have your feedback and opinion of the Dorset firearms licensing service.

David Sidwick
Police and Crime Commissioner

Dorset Police firearms licensing 
– have your say –
BASC is calling on all Dorset residents and business owners that use the county’s firearms licensing service to respond to a new survey. Commissioned by the Dorset Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) David Sidwick, with assistance from BASC’s firearms team, the survey seeks to find ways to improve the service that residents and communities of Dorset receive. The PCC’s openness to feedback on the current licensing service is a fantastic opportunity for the local shooting community to express their views. Click here to complete the survey Please fill in the survey by midday on Wednesday 1 June.

2022 Prone Rifle Short Range Championship – Final results

The shoulder-to-shoulder final of the 2022 Short Range Championship was held today at Bournemouth RC, Chapel Gate range. The results are available below.

Congratulations to all who qualified and were able to take part, and to the three medal winners: Dave Chick (Ringwood), R. Keenan (Flight Refuelling) and M. Frizzle (Witchampton).

Sincere thanks to Bournemouth Rifle Club for once again hosting this event, to Peter Collins for scoring, Andrew Wilkie for running the range and Richard Chewter for keeping us all in order. Thanks also to Nick Ireland for helping to get the trophy available for the event.

Peter Collins presents the Rose Bowl trophy to Dave Chick

Prone Rifle Trophies & Awards Summer 2021 – Winter 2021-2022

Please find attached the final listing of all the awards and trophies for all competitions held in the Summer 2021 and Winter 2021-2022 seasons.

Congratulations to all the winners of Team and Individual medals and trophies. Medals and certificates for the winter season are being distributed through the club league contacts. Trophies will take some time to locate and engrave before being re-presented to their new winners.

Summer 2022 – Rifle League details (dates, divisions etc)

Please find below the details of all rifle leagues being run in the Summer 2022 season. Details include due dates and opponents per round, division members and averages.

Please note that all of the usual Summer competitions are being run, except for the 50m/yd team of 5, which did not attract sufficient entries. It is understood that many clubs have difficulty to assemble a team of 5 for long range competitions. For this reason, starting in the Summer 2023 season, this competition will be changed to a team of 3 in the hope that this will allow more teams to be entered.

25 Yard Team of 5

25 yard Pairs

50yd/m Individual

100yd Individual & Team of 3

Prone Rifle JWR Newman 2021-22 Final Results

The Final round of the JWR Newman knockout competition is now complete, and the scores and knockout table are in the attached document.

The Final saw the Flight Refuelling pair of Messrs Gardner & Keenan pulling a 400 ex 400 out of the bag to take the trophy from Messrs Budden & Kinder of Wimborne.

Congratulations to Messrs Gardner & Keenan on a fine win. Medals will be distributed in due course.

2022 Prone Rifle Short Range Championship – Stage 2 results

The results of stage 2 of the 2022 Dorset Short Range Chamionships are available below.

Congratulations to all the Class winners, and to the 11 shooters who have qualified for the Final. Medals will be distributed in due course.

The Final will be held at the Chapel Gate range on Saturday morning, 21st May 2022, as per the attached notice.

Prone Rifle Royal Manor 2021-22 Final results

The final round of the Royal Manor name your own start team competition is now complete. The scores and knockout table are in the attached file.

The Witchampton & Flight Refuelling teams were very, very closely matched and scores were tied after applying both the standard gauge and the first oversized gauge. Only after applying the second oversized gauge did a winner emerge.

Congratulations to the eventual winners, Flight Refuelling. The Royal Manor Trophy, 4 gold medals and certificate will be awarded in due course.

2022 Prone Rifle Short Range Championship – Stage 1 results

The results of stage 1 of the 2022 Dorset Short Range Chamionships are available below.

Congratulations to all the shooters who qualified for stage 2. Stickers for stage 2 cards will be sent out the clubs in the next few days.

Updated 23/01/2022 – Incorrect ‘Veteran’ classifications corrected (highlighted in Yellow)

Prone Rifle – Winter 2020-21 results

Finally an end to the longest ever Winter Season. After tiers, lockdown, restrictions and a couple of deadline postponements – the final deadline for scores to be received has passed, and the results are in.

Due to the pandemic, we only ran the Individual and Team of 3 leagues, and then only with a half course of fire. As expected, participation was well down, but still reasonable given the circumstances. We also welcomed Market Drayton as a new club to the Dorset rifle leagues.

In the end some people were still unable to shoot their cards, but there was still a decent competition in most divisions.

Congratulations to all the division winners! Medals will be issued in due course.

Team of 3 results and averages

Individual league results and scores

Prone rifle competition results – Summer 2021

This summer we only ran Individual competitions for 50m and 100yds, due to the uncertainty of the rate at which shooters would return to shooting after the lockdown. The previous season’s winter leagues were also still going on, and so there were still plenty of short range cards to be shot. Entries to the two competitions were rather low, but it is clear that some people were encouraged back to the range by the fact that there were cards to be shot.

To keep it simple, the competitions were shot in classes, with certificates being awarded to the winners of each class. No medals this year, as it was another very unusual year! Hopefully we’ll be back to normal in 2022.

The results of each competition are posted below. Congratulations to all the class winners – certificates will be sent out in the coming days.

Prone Rifle Trophies & Awards Summer 2019 – Winter 2019/20

In a normal year, the trophy and medal list would be prepared in time for presentations at the May AGM, covering the previous summer & winter seasons. Due to the pandemic, and the extended deadlines for some of the Winter competitions, the list has only now been possible to collate.

Congratulations to all the Team and Individual medal and trophy winners listed in the file attached to this post. Trophies will not be presented this year, but the winners names will be engraved on them at the earliest opportunity; medals will be distributed to all clubs in the next week or two.

Prone Rifle – J.R. Newman Team, Winter 2019-20

Scores and knockout table for rounds 1, 2, 3 and the Final of the J.R. Newman team ‘name your own start’ competition are attached below.

Unfortunately the final round was disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic, which is most unfortunate. In the end, no cards were received from Wimborne and so congratulations go to the winners, Andy Todd and Rob Keenan of Flight Refuelling ‘B’ . Scores and the final knockout table are available below.

(611) Inter county reserves league 2019/20

Latest official results from the NSRA for the Inter County Reserves league, Winter 2019/20. Dorset are in Division 4.

(612) Inter County Women’s SR Rifle League 19/20

Official results for the NSRA inter county Women’s short range rifle league, winter 2019-2020. Dorset in Division 5.

Toddy Winton – A Brief Tribute

Toddy sadly passed away on 13th December 2019. 

An active shooter for many years, often competing in the past at Bisley meetings; from April 1985 onwards, he took on the role of Secretary to the County Association, and he became the heart and soul of small-bore shooting in Dorset. His contribution to the sport has been immense, and in his own inimitable way he has organised and run so much and so many of the activities we have enjoyed.

In addition to fulfilling the formal role of Secretary, completing affiliation forms with the NSRA and generally attending to the necessary administrative tasks, he has organised many of the County’s league and individual competitions – summer and winter – teams of 3 and teams of 5 – 50 and 100 yards in the summer – and has been instrumental in encouraging entries from teams outside of Dorset to swell the competitions. He also arranged three outdoor shoots each year at Piddlehinton, dealing with entries, often doing much of the scoring and the posting of results.

Each year he organised the Annual General Meeting and Prize-giving, gently and tactfully keeping Chairmen in their place but on the right tracks. He has kept us in touch with changes in rules and regulations pertaining to the sport, most recently of course having to deal with all the GDPR requirements.

In addition to his County responsibilities he also acted as Secretary to Witchampton Rifle Club, of which he was a long-standing member. There, and in many other places, he will be remembered with fondness for his sheer humanity, and also for the way in which he would happily give time to helping and encouraging everyone, particularly those new to the sport.

It should be remembered that behind every great man there is an even greater woman!! Paula has been a tremendous support to Toddy over the years,  sorting out refreshments at Piddlehinton, organising until recently the “spread” we had at the AGM, and no doubt being prepared to put up with all the time he devoted to his beloved sport.

In the last couple of months we were able to arrange a long service award from the NSRA, and Toddy received this at the final dinner he attended with his friends of the “Saturday Night Club” – all those who were involved each time in setting up the range for the meetings at Piddlehinton.

Toddy will be missed greatly by the whole shooting fraternity, in Dorset and beyond.

Tony Coulson Alan Motson
Chairman Secretary

Bisley success for Dorset shooters

Rob Keenan

Congratulations to Rob on winning the Class Aggregate for the Codrington Memorial Challenge Trophy at the recent NSRA Bisley Meeting. Robs score of 2702 which would have placed him 11th in Class X. He also won the following medals and trophies on the way.

  • Competition 1, 40 shots at 50 Mtr 3rd place (Bronze Medal)
  • Competition 2, 40 shots at 100 yard 1st place (the Sir Power Palmer Challenge Cup and Gold Medal)
  • Competition 3, 40 shots at 100 yard 1st place (the Senior Service Challenge Trophy and Gold Medal)
  • Competition 4, 40 shots at 50 Mtr 3rd place (Bronze Medal)
  • Competition 6, 40 shots at 100 yard 2nd place (Silver Medal)
  • At the weekend Rob was 2nd in Competition 9, 20 shots at 50 Mtr plus 20 shots at 100 yard.
  • 3rd in Competition 10a, 40 shots at 50 yard, and 3rd in the overall aggregate of 40 shots at 50 Mtr and 40 shots at 100 yard.
  • Rob was equal first in the Life and annual members competition with 392 ex 400, 6th in the Champions of Champions with a score of 614.20 and a very creditable 9th in the Earl Roberts with a score of 766. He had one bad diagram at 100 yard which if it had been similar to his others would have placed him 3rd or 4th.
  • Rob also shot for the victorious England team in the Home International.

Tony Coulson

We should also congratulate Tony for coming 3rd in his Class in Competition 1 and 3rd in the Veterans.

In all a very successful week for our two Dorset shooters, so why not join them next year? you never know you may enjoy it and without support the meeting will not survive.
A full set of results are available on the NSRA web site.